A Midsummer Symposium of Consciousness

From the 21st to the 23rd of June a remarkable group of people assembled at Tyringham Hall for the Club of Budapest’s UK launch and a Midsummer Symposium discussing consciousness and how it relates to critical current global events. The timing seemed auspicious, as it was both summer solstice and a full moon. As Ervin Lazlo, Barbara Marx Hubbard and other luminaries assembled on the lawn for a welcoming ceremony, everyone was touched by the remarkable celestial timing.

Over the following days, a series of talks and discussions asked profound questions such as does consciousness exist beyond the brain? For many of the group, it is becoming increasingly apparent that science is moving into alignment with ancient wisdom. It was proposed that there is a universal intelligence in the cosmos manifesting in all forms of existence. This is the ultimate source also of our individual and collective human consciousness.

After a welcome from Anton Bilton, host and co-founder of The Tyringham Initiative, Ervin Laszlo, President of The Club of Budapest, opened proceedings and outlined a vision that has informed the 54 books he has authored or co-authored; that consciousness is infinite in space and time. With this new larger interpretation of consciousness, we are all invited to play our part in creating a framework for reaching a peaceful and cooperative global society thus continuing the grand adventure of life, spirit, and consciousness on Earth. He said “there is a cosmic intelligence that produces information for everything… we have to make sure that we respond to this natural cosmic information”

Next up, Dr Eben Alexander American Neurosurgeon and author of worldwide bestseller Proof of Heaven, told a rapt audience about his 7-day near death experience, convincing him that consciousness continues after death and leading him to co-found Eternea. His new outlook has enabled him to transcend conventional notions of death and offers a majestic view of what it means to be human with a new mindset necessary to heal ourselves and our planet.

The guests had much to discuss over a delicious lunch. Majestic Tyringham provided an awe-inspiring backdrop to the inspired conversations. The international and learned crowd mingled and had space to enjoy the extraordinary decor and myriad artworks that adorned every room.

Following lunch, Jude Currivan, cosmologist, planetary healer, author and previously one of the most senior businesswomen in the UK, gave a fast-paced and hugely enjoyable romp through the cutting edge of modern physics. At its most fundamental, all matter is composed of vibrational energy. Conventional distinctions between matter and consciousness may be bogus. Everything is connected. She said:

“In today’s turbulent world, with so much changing, it is very useful to bring people together who are trying to see beyond the limitations that most of us put up around ourselves… We are on the verge of a healing of our worldview, from being very fragmented to a whole world view where we realize that everything we call reality is fundamentally connected and we aren’t separate, we are part of that. We are are microcosms of the cosmic intelligence we call our universe”

Later in the afternoon, facilitated by Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, President and co-founder of the Memnosyne Institute, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dr. Don Beck hosted a conversation that included most of the room. They discussed how their combined theories provide guidance and essential tools to implement the much needed change in global society. These two brilliant evolutionary leaders are combining their methodologies with the help of computer engineers, Dr. Kevin Kells and Juan Carlos Kaiten, to create a process that will help people everywhere, from local communities to nations, strategically to move closer to achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Minds were simultaneously buzzing and blown but the opportunity to become grounded again was provided by Karen Newell founder of Sacred Acoustics who led a meditation and then a moving musical performance from Danish singer Sudha.

President of the Club of Budapest UK, Dana Amma Day says “Having a planetary consciousness that is in tune with our times means evolving to the dimension where we can understand as well as feel our new, more embracing relations with each other and with nature. Conscious evolution is not a supernatural feat, nor is it one reserved for individuals of exceptional endowment. It does not mean knowing all aspects of everything, rather it means openness to new ideas and opportunities that can shape a peaceful and sustainable future for all”.

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Anton Bilton & Dana Amma Day

It was clear that all participants relished this special gathering – an opportunity to learn, share ideas and meet with like-minded people in a remarkable place. Anton Bilton was delighted with how the event unfolded saying: “The basis of our Tyringham Initiative is to try and rediscover the quest for understanding ourselves. What is it other than my physical presence and my notional intelligence that allows me to have an intuitive understanding of the world?”

Rory Spowers, Creative Director/Co-Founder of the Tyringham Initiative said: “We are deeply grateful to our speakers and excited that this new network is emerging. We look forward to hosting future events of this calibre and welcome all like-minded souls to join us as we reimagine what it means to be, not just human, but integral parts of our evolving conscious universe.”[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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