Flow Genome Retreat at Tyringham Hall

We are in the midst of a silent revolution, that’s happening all around the world.  Athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, hackers and activists are all waking up to higher stages of consciousness and the real work to be done.  From the rainforests of Peru to the desert of Burning Man, from the dance floors of Ibiza to the mountainsides of Bhutan, we are self-initiating into the 21st century Mysteries – but the question remains, what are we supposed to do with all of this knowledge?

In the past, breakthroughs like this have always ended in one of two ways – either the priests sniff out the party and violently shut it down, or the Prometheans, those who have stolen the fire from the gods, screw it up and put the rocketship in the ditch.

It’s time to upgrade our operating system so that we can handle the information and the responsibilities that come with our collective initiation.  We may have figured out how to throw the Party at the End of Time–we’re better than ever at getting high–but now comes the harder part–how to stay that way.

For one week at the magical and storied Tyringham Estate, we will be diving into that very question, sharing techniques and practices, training, reflecting and celebrating what an upgraded OS can look and feel like.  This retreat is not for perpetual seekers or magical thinkers–it’s for those people who have woken up to their true nature, who are ready to take radical responsibility for their own evolution and to play their part in the unfolding story, full out, and without reservation.

If you have struggled trying to balance your peak breakthroughs with your day to day life and responsibilities, if you’ve wished there were cleaner frameworks and interpretations than the New Age claptrap getting peddled as wisdom, and if you’ve craved deep and committed connections with fellow travellers, join us.  It has already begun.


Five day flow and high performance workshop
Early bird price of £1800 available until 2 July 2016
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As an additional special offer for our members, if you bring a friend we offer a 10% discount on your place for each additional person you recruit. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any help that you can offer in spreading the word!

Best wishes
Rory Spowers
Creative Director – Tyringham Initiative

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