20-22 June 2016

Club of Budapest Midsummer Symposium on Consciousness

This Symposium brought together leading scientists, thinkers and evolutionary leaders, and included the worldwide launch of What is Consciousness, co-authored by Dr Ervin Laszlo, founder President of The Club of Budapest and Director of the Ervin Laszlo Institute for Advanced Study. Dr Laszlo is generally recognized as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory and is Editor of World Futures: The Journal of New Paradigm Research.

The Symposium also heard presentations from Dr Eben Alexander, American neurosurgeon and author of worldwide bestseller Proof of Heaven, whose 7-day near death experience convinced him that consciousness continues after death; Honorary Club of Budapest member Barbara Marx Hubbard, Director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and author of the ground-breaking book, Conscious Evolution; Dr Don Beck, co-author of Spiral Dynamics and founder of the Center for Human Emergence; and Dr Jude Currivan, cosmologist, planetary healer, author of The Cosmic Hologram and previously one of the most senior businesswomen in the UK.