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The original Mystery Schools were not only concerned with The Great Mysteries of Life itself, but also the experiential realms of transcendence, or direct interaction with the divine. As the modern world becomes increasingly disillusioned with mainstream religion, many feel that this need to move beyond the concepts and dogma of institutionalised religion – be it Catholicism, Zen Buddhism or New Ageism – to a more embodied spirituality, has become paramount.

More and more of us realize that the Truth that we seek transcends the dialectical ‘black and white’ debate that typifies the modern western mind and there is the need to integrate new ways of thinking to understand the systemic and dynamic complexity of Life itself. All too often, it seems that progressive thinking is derailed by an habitual relapse into an enculturated polarization.

Hence the need for a modern Mystery School – one which moves beyond the ‘mere words’ of spiritual and religious dogma, in search of embodied and experiential transformation; one which is not so much just mysterious, as concerned with The Great Mystery, or the mysterium tremendum.

“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”


ANTON BILTONHost & Co-Founder
Anton Bilton is an economics graduate from The City University in London. He was the founder of The Raven Group and has also been a founder and director of three other companies that have floated on AIM. He is currently Executive Deputy Chairman of Raven Russia Limited. Outside of his working environment, Anton’s principal interest is consciousness research.
GILES HAYWARDRetreats Director & Co-Founder
Giles Hayward is a passionate environmentalist and entrepreneur. Giles received both a degree in psychology as well as an MBA in sustainability before co-founding Phylia De M (www.phylia.com) and Torii Labs (www.toriilabs.com), two health and wellness companies based in LA. Giles also sits on the leadership board of the Vista Del Mar childrens charity, where he designs programs that help heal, inspire and empower the kids through the reconnection to Nature. His passion for ‘new paradigm consciousness’ has led him to hold a number of retreats at his home in the highlands of Scotland before joining the Tyringham team to help give birth to this exciting project.

RORY SPOWERSCreative Director & Co-Founder
Rory Spowers is an ecological writer, campaigner and filmmaker most recently working with BBC presenter Bruce Parry on the feature film Tawai. Rory’s last book, A Year in Green Tea and Tuk Tuks, covers the creation of Samakanda ‘Bio-versity’, an ecological learning centre in Sri Lanka. His previous book, Rising Tides, was a history of ecological thought, critically acclaimed by The Sunday Times, The Observer and a variety of magazines. In 2002, Rory founded The Web of Hope, a UK charity and ecological education resource highlighting role models for sustainability, social justice and positive change. Please visit Rory’s blog at www.figtreediaries.com